The South Carolina Conservation Bank is one of the greatest tools we have for safeguarding our drinking water, protecting our natural resources and preserving our history and heritage. It will shut down on June 30, 2018 unless the South Carolina General Assembly reauthorizes it.

Losing the Conservation Bank would cause great harm to our economy, environment and quality of life, now and for generations to come.

The Palmetto Land + Water Legacy Alliance was formed with the sole purpose of having the General Assembly reauthorize the Conservation Bank during the upcoming legislative session, which ends in June of 2017. Polls over the years indicate that more than 90% of South Carolina citizens support the conservation of our natural resources.

If you are in this group, we need your help in contacting your legislative representatives, to ask them to support reauthorization, and in spreading the word about the great value we all realize from conservation.


Our mission is to ignite a grassroots effort to ensure the protection of our farms, forests, natural areas and waterways, and the preservation of our cultural and historical sites, through the reauthorization South Carolina Conservation Bank in 2017.

How do we achieve this mission?

We will work with our supporters, members and partner organizations to inform South Carolina residents about the importance of the Conservation Bank, educate them on how they will personally benefit by its reauthorization, and provide the means to make their voices heard in Columbia.

Other major goals:

  • Eliminate the sunset provision so the Bank can continue on a more permanent basis
  • Modify the “death clause” of the current law, so that the Bank will still receive some funding during lean budget years, instead of cutting it to zero
  • Advocate that the statutory funding formula be allowed to function without modification or interference
  • Expand the list of organizations, individuals, companies and agencies that support the mission of the Alliance

We urgently need your support in our efforts to make sure reauthorization happens.

The first step is simply providing us with your contact information, so we can keep you updated on our efforts. Once you are on our communications list, we will provide the ideas and methods for you to let your elected representative in Columbia know how important the conservation bank is to you personally. Remember, they are there to represent you, and not play politics.