The Palmetto Land + Water Legacy Alliance was formed to educate our state’s residents about the importance of the South Carolina Conservation Bank, inform them of the great work it does and enlist their support to make sure the SC General Assembly reauthorizes it by June, 2017.

The SC Conservation Bank was created 14 years ago to safeguard our drinking water, preserve our history and culture and protect our precious natural resources such as waterways, farms and forests. Reauthorization by the General Assembly is needed if we want such protection and preservation to continue.

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We urgently need your support in our efforts to make sure reauthorization happens.

The first step is simply providing us with your contact information, so we can keep you updated on our efforts. Once you are on our communications list, we will provide the ideas and methods for you to let your elected representative in Columbia know how important the conservation bank is to you personally. Remember, they are there to represent you, and not play politics.